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Romantic Comedies

“Joanne has an incredibly wonderful easy to read writing style. I absolutely did not want the book to end.” Kim Nash
Can't Live Without

Stella Hill Series Book 1

When single-mother Stella wakes one morning to find her kitchen on fire she knows her life will never be the same again.

With a boss she’s half in love with, a teenage daughter about to go spectacularly off the rails, a spendaholic mother and a house to rebuild, Stella’s problems are only just beginning.


Can Stella put her life – and her home – back together again? And will she ever realise just what it really is she can’t live without?

Hope Floats

Summerville Marina Series Book 1

When Emily Weaver inherits a beautiful canal boat, her first reaction is complete panic – there’s no way she can set foot on a boat, although she can’t confess the true reason, not even to her closest friends ...

Along with her brother’s boat comes  handsome skipper, Jack. Taking an instant dislike to him, Emily resolves to avoid all complications and keep her comfortable, city life on an even keel. But when she finds herself on board, Emily and Jack are stuck with each other whether they like it or not. Because on the waterways, if you don’t pull together, someone is going to go under ...

The Family Trap

Stella Hill Series Book 2

In two weeks’ time Stella is marrying the love of her life and she could not be happier. 

But when Stella discovers she’s pregnant – a pregnancy that’s unplanned and unexpected, not to mention inconvenient – she takes it in her stride. It’s not a problem. At least, not for her.

Just how do you break the news of a baby on the eve of your wedding? And what if your plans turn out to be wildly different from the plans of the one you love?

Cupids Way

Love in the City Series

On the cusp of her thirties and still disappointingly single, Evie Stone is desperate for a new challenge, so when she discovers her grandparents’ home is under threat she jumps to the rescue.

Dynamite Construction have the deal in the bag, and soon the residents of Cupid’s Way will be forced to sell up and ship out. CEO Michael Andrews, charismatic and super-successful, has never let sentimentality get in the way of business. At least, he hadn’t until he met Evie Stone!

GP 2020.jpg

Stella Hill Series Book 3

When Stella’s daughter posts an embarrassing wedding video online, Stella resolves to stop being such a calamity – it’s time for her to grow up and fit in. Unfortunately, for Stella fitting in is easier said than done ...

Before long, Stella is completely out of her depth – and even her family is turning against her. Drowning in friendship troubles and dirty nappies, can Stella put herself back together again before she tears everything else apart?

YAH 2021.jpg

Love in the City Series

Coming soon - the next in the Love in the City Series! Meeting up with an old flame does NOT work out the way it was supposed to for Anna in this new romantic comedy for Autumn 2021.

Literary Fiction

“What I admire about Phillips’ writing is the intelligence, depth & variety she brings to her characters.” Linda Gillard, multi-award winning author of Stargazing and House of Silence
Keeping Sam

When Kate wakes up from a year-long coma she ‘s desperate to see her toddler, Sam. He's safe and under the care of her parents ... but why doesn't this fill her with relief?


By the time Kate is well enough to reclaim her son she is frantic with worry. Why hasn’t her mother brought Sam to see her? Why haven’t they replied to any of her letters? And why will no one talk to her about the circumstances around her injuries?

“Keeping Sam is a roller coaster filled with emotion and passion ... an exceptional contemporary read.”

This Beautiful World

Single-mum Alice wants only to keep her son safe, but it’s hard for her to tell real dangers from those she imagines. Her brother, Simon, thinks his life is going nowhere. With an aging father to care for and no prospects, his sense of suffocation grows stronger every day.


When Alice becomes convinced that a daytime TV hypnotist is the answer to her problems, Simon gets dragged along for the ride. But neither of them are prepared for Crystal, who bursts into their lives and sets in motion a journey that will change each of their lives forever.


Shortlisted for the prestigious Luke Bitmead Bursary 2015


"The characters are lovely, and the mystery is top notch. Murder at the Maples is a wonderful start to a cozy series." Brooke Blogs
I write my mystery books under the pen-name J.G. Phillips 
Murder at the Maples

Flora Lively Series Book 1

When twenty-nine-year-old Flora Lively loses both of her parents and inherits the family business she tries to make a success of their dream. Burdened with Marshall, her father's handpicked manager, Flora finds solace in her friendship with elderly client, Joy.

But when strange and dangerous things begin to happen at the Maples Retirement Village Flora finds herself immersed in a web of betrayal, intrigue and deceit.


Can she solve the puzzle in time, or will the murderer strike again?

A Date With Death

Flora Lively Series Book 2

When Flora’s best friend returns to England with a Spanish film crew in tow, Flora is thrilled to land a job on set at a glamorous country house. But when a member of the crew is brutally murdered, and a priceless tiara stolen, suspicion falls on everyone at Hanley Manor.


When an arrest is made Flora is plunged deep into a puzzling mystery, with no idea who she can and cannot trust. Surrounded by suspicion and bitter rivalries she must keep one eye over her shoulder at all times. Because the murderer is about to strike again ...

Sign of Seven

Flora Lively Series Book 3

When a priceless artefact is discovered missing, museum owner Jasmine White fears that an ancient curse has come to pass. Flora Lively is called upon to investigate, but her first ‘official’ case is set to be her most challenging yet ...


Flora’s new job at the White & Co. Museum of Antiquities takes a deadly turn when a body is discovered in a packing crate that Flora herself sealed shut only hours earlier. Who is the murdered woman and how did she get there? As the stakes get higher, the threat moves closer to home. This time, Flora may be truly out of her depth.


"I have great admiration for the author's own level of productivity so that alone is enough to make me think she knows what she's talking about." Pauline Wiles, Author and Creative Entrepreneur
Productivity Habit

Get The Habit Series

How often do you start work only to find yourself on Facebook a few minutes later? Or suddenly realize that you’ve been stuck in a cycle of checking emails, blogs and social media instead of getting on with your most urgent task?

Procrastination is a growing problem. In a world that’s filled with distractions there is always something that provides instant ‘fun’ just a few clicks away. This book will show you how to break those habits, become more productive, and get on top of every aspect of your work and life.

Welcome to a new way of building positive habits in only seven days and five minutes!

Mindfulness Habit

Get The Habit Series

“Practicing mindfulness not only helps you become happier and healthier, it also reduces stress, improves your relationships and makes you more appreciative of life.”

Are you ready to start living your life in a more fulfilling and authentic way?

Do you want to stop allowing stress and worry to eat away at your peace of mind?

Let this book show you how to develop the habit of mindfulness in six days, with easy and straightforward guided mindfulness meditations specifically designed to teach you how to fit practice into your daily life.

Decluttering Habit

Get The Habit Series

Is stuff controlling your life? Have you ever looked around your home and thought 'I don’t know where to start?'

Many people begin to feel anxious, overwhelmed and defeated around the idea of decluttering their homes. If you're struggling with clutter, disorganization or overwhelm, this book is for you.

This book shows you how to declutter and organize your home step by step, room by room. Before long you will be living in a clutter-free organized home, with a system for dealing with every new object that comes into your space

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