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Book writing stuff!

I've been making things up since I was about four years old and there's no chance of me stopping any time soon! My first novel was published in 2012 and became an Amazon top 20 bestseller that same year. I have a Masters degree in creative writing and I've won and been shortlisted for some pretty awesome literary prizes. 

I write three genres of fiction: romantic comedies, literary fiction and mysteries. And, just because I like to keep myself busy, I also write self-help books

The books I write are the kind I like to read and often my characters become like best friends to me. Yes, they talk to me and tell me what they want to do! You're never lonely when you're a writer.

Joanne Phillips

Personal stuff!

I live in Cheshire, England, with my awesome daughter, Lulu. When I'm not writing I love watching Netflix and listening to podcasts and audiobooks. My least favourite jobs are cooking and cleaning, although I do like eating and sitting in a tidy house!

I had a disturbingly high number of different careers before I became an author. I've been a hairdresser,  librarian, window cleaner, marketer and an air hostess - all good material for future books! 


Party like it's 1989


Boating circa 2004


EasyJet 2000


Charity walk 2008

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